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Naked Raver.…an adventure of the spirit…… a beautifying of the mind.


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Great covers, music, & vibes.


Great covers = great music = great vibes

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Butterfly Garden

Welcome woman to my retreat, to the Boudoir of Bondaged Souls. You are here seeking an outlet for your feminine frustration, a place where you may deepen your understanding of Faith far away from the confines of religious indoctrination. Come, my Boudoir is this place.

Before you enter, please leave your veil at the door. There is no need for displays of affiliation to man-made spiritual laws here, for in the Boudoir the laws of the spirit are but beautiful parables of living, ones that cannot be diminished by the sermons and preaching of teachers in high places, those whose ability to say and not do, to condemn and yet not convey the power within the hearts and minds of every woman, everywhere, prove to be but a hindrance to the purity of her life.


But this is something that you already know. The redness of your hands show me how they have torn your garments many times in confusion, whilst the hardness of your knees confirm the hours spent wailing in distress to a God whose face is unknown to you. When you have sought answers to the illusions of life, they have not come, because your learned methods are but futile cries for help, desperate pleas to a tightly controlled system that bears no relevance to the everlasting beauty of the spirit and its majestic influence in your life.

Your frustration persists because your understanding of Faith has been passed to you through others, your knowledge of it being but an adherence to a checklist of do’s and don’ts, and a physical display of rituals so that the watchful eyes of others may see, the goal being to guarantee you a right of passage into a paradise world that doesn’t commence until you depart from this one. Such a tragic waste of the wonderful life that already exists for you now.

Walk with me to the Butterfly Garden so that you may witness how Faith works through every living creature, through every life form that breathes the untainted air of Heaven and not just those who profess allegiance to a most powerful God.

Look at this gathering of tropical butterflies, their colours an abundant display of the infinite choices that life freely gives to itself. Do you see how some of these butterflies are bright yellow with azure shades of blue, their patterns outlined by bold brushstrokes of black? Others are crimson red with large intricate shapes made visible by raindrops of white and green, their wings reminiscent of the stained glass windows that draw gasps of admiration in a cathedral. Look at those over there, so small and plain that they are barely noticeable amongst the others, fooling our senses into believing that they are but one of a multitude of petals that sit atop the stems of flowers. And now cast your eyes above, where the butterflies are so large they are like stealth bombers with satin wings, aerodynamically designed in a way that man could only wish to emulate, a perfect combination of beauty, grace and power.

So many varieties before us, and yet so few in comparison to the multitude of designs upon the Earth, each species brought forth by the will of life for its very own pleasure, its purpose, and its advancement.


Do you think that we can change the expression of life that gives rise to these living creations? We may confine the butterflies, place them in glass jars with no means of escape, but they will still remain beautiful upon the eyes. All we do by trapping them is prevent them from fulfilling their natural role in life, a role that only they can fully express, whether they are big or small, plain or patterned. The spirit of life in them knows what is required of each and every one of them. They have their own life spans, their own abilities, their own specific functions, and it matters not how we view them because those essential elements can never be taken away, only nullified by mans hands should he decide to restrain them.

And it is the same for you.

Religious doctrines are used, consciously or not, to confine the spirit of life, its full expression thwarted by false understandings of its wholesome expression. This affiliation to man-made rules and regulations entrap the spirit, like the glass jar that hampers the natural flight of the butterfly.

Every woman has an inherent desire to express her purpose, to experience pleasure, and to advance her spirit. Life is not in subjection to the religious laws of man, and it is this simple misunderstanding that causes you to feel trapped, to remain confused, and to feel as though your natural joy of living has evaporated.

You have been raised to fear the true expression of your spirit. Many of your natural desires are in conflict with your religious beliefs, causing you to stumble because of the battle that rages within. When this happens, you assume that you are at fault, and that you are sinning against God, when in reality all that you are doing is placing the restriction of religion before the life of your spirit. You have been misled into believing that Faith is the adherence to a set of laws, and when you fail to uphold these laws, you become frightened that you have no Faith, making you the butterfly in the glass jar.

But your confusion doesn’t stop there, because then you question: In what do you have Faith, if not in your religion?


I love the way the caterpillar moves along the ground, climbing leaves and nibbling away until it is well fed, camouflaging itself against predators so as to assure its longevity. And then one day, without thought, only a deeper knowing, it starts to build a shelter, a cocoon, where it sleeps, locked away from the outside world, an irrevocable change taking place within its blood and bones. It is a self-imposed rest, a hibernation that it graciously accepts, until one day it awakens and starts to break out of the cocoon, a process that requires much effort, energy, and patience.

Bit by bit it unfolds its wings, its colours unknown until they are spread in their fullness. And with a final push it discards its shelter and takes to the skies, seeing the world from a different perspective and vantage point, using once latent skills and abilities as endowed by the spirit of life within it. It knows not of its lifespan: it gives it no consideration, reacting only to the breath within its body, the scent of direction in the air, and the continuous urging of expression within its very being.

You have come to the Boudoir because you know that it is time for your own metamorphosis, and yet religious dogma anchors you to fear. Somewhere in the middle of this is Faith, and so we ask: Where will the application of true and lasting Faith lead you?

There are two answers. One will make you the butterfly in the glass jar, whilst the other will turn you into the butterfly that dances upon the summer breeze, enjoying life whilst naturally expressing the very best of it. To reach out and claim the latter is the greatest act of Faith you could ever take, and it is this level of Faith that aligns you with the God you have sought so deeply and reverently to know.

To remain as you are, bound by doctrine and yet misguided, is to choose fear over Faith, because true Faith is an assurance of things not yet seen. Your lifespan is unknown, and predators abound, but life is to be lived by its own rules, by those that require no logical analysis, only intuitive action and reaction. Religion in all of its forms has sought to verbalise the very essence of spirit, but only a life lived expressing the spirit truly verbalises it.

You may stay here with me until your metamorphosis is complete. View the retreat as your cocoon, a sacred space where great internal change takes place, with the Faith that once your wings show themselves, you are already the full expression of your spirit, of the Beautiful Truth of life within you.

Come, let me show you to your room.


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When the bubble bursts….


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Venus the Geek


Here’s a new piece of Naked Raver art from the studio for a book that does, as of yet, not exist (and may never exist)! It is done in the style of a Victorian era cover for a Jules Verne or H.G.Wells novel. Here is the story behind this design, in Daniel’s own words:

“A couple a years ago I did an art piece of the Venus de Milo statue accompanied by the arm of a drunk guy with an overflowing beer in his hand, trying to get her off the museum pedestal and into bed. For those who have read the book, Naked Raver, you will have already seen it in there, or you can check it out on Pinterest here: .A bit of sarcasm on the old stereotypes of mating rituals!

Venus was the Roman name for Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. The Greek statue with the missing arms, discovered on the island of Milos, but known by the Roman name for the goddess, is one of the most famous pieces of art in the world. So what’s the deal with her broken arms?

Historians may not agree with me, but I suspect they chopped them off so she wouldn’t be tempted to pleasure herself when no one was looking. Hmmm.

Recently, I saw a very cool self-portrait by photographer Andrea Mary Marshall posing with her own arms edited out in imitation of the iconic statue. zoom_large_Andrea-Mary-Marshall-Self-Portrait-as-Venus-De-Milo_2

This gave me the feeling that it was time for another take on the ancient sculpture.

Later that day, I was lying in bed in the dark when the image came into my head of a Venus cyborg, like a Kraftwerk style sci-fi robot meets classical art. So Venus de Milo’s  missing limbs have been replaced with prosthetic ones to bring the woman forward into our modern age of technology and engineering. A symbol of beauty meets brains, the past meets the future, art tradition meets scientific progression.

But the irony is that she has robotic arms and what does she use them for? To stroke her invisible pondering patch and get all philosophical, calling attention to technicalities within her existence and social status. Is she a geek? Is she a goddess? Or both? There she stands proclaiming, “Technically, I’m a goddess,” a satire on the tendency of the scientific mind, the ultimate geek mentality, to dwell on minute details and analytical debates which may seem trivial to the average person.

She’s also equipped with the Naked Raver LoveRay pulse gun strapped to her marble hips.

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Game of Life.


Na*ked: The stripping bare of illusionary concepts of limitation

Ra*ver: She who dances to the tune of her indwelling spirit.

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