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Screen shot 2016-03-11 at 09.14.13…..we are currently creating a new internet home for Naked Raver, hence this site will be phased out. Indulge your senses whilst you are here, and in the meantime we will work behind the scenes to bring you an even greater experience.


Joanne and Daniel


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It leads you somewhere very special.


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2016…..coming in!


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Coolest source of inspiration

It’s not by chance or flattery that we are called the coolest source of inspiration on the web.

Naked Raver is a love affair with the very expression of life. It is a creative and uplifting approach, one that enhances the beauty of the mind and fuels the groove of the soul. It is the perfect mix of art, music, and literature, like an exquisite malt whiskey with ice, sipped whilst sitting in front of a log fire.

“Every woman has a Naked Raver inside. We help her set it free.”

Na*ked: The stripping bare of illusionary concepts of limitation.

Ra*ver: She who dances to the tune of her indwelling spirit.


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….from the Boudoir of Bondaged Souls


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Atomic Love

There is something about the notion of Love that fascinates me, especially when two strangers come together like elements forming a compound, the outer shell of the atom keen to join with the outer shell of another, like H2O: water, the conjoining of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, it requiring two hydrogen atoms to mate with one oxygen atom, a union that proves that life – biology – understands the workings of chemistry greater than any learned and inspired genius.

The beauty of Love is that it either is or it isn’t. It doesn’t matter whether one understands the description of Love. It is the message of it, the abundant feelings that matter. Love finds its expression through all of the senses and it lodges itself in the heart. It is a feeling that encompasses the fullness of life at its varied levels of expression.

On several occasions I have asked, What is the power that rises up when everything else fails?

Some say Hope, some Truth, but Hope is easily lost and Truth misunderstood, because one man’s Truth is another’s deceit; and Hope, well, it can be destroyed if not for its accomplice, Love.

I understand the fundamental need for Hope, that of being able to embrace every day with enthusiasm; and also of Truth, because deliberate attempts to mislead carry with them unfavourable consequences.

I have deduced that to know the answer one must seek the lowest common denominator, the smallest aspect that everything else fits into. For me, this perfect integer is Love. It is the binding agent, because Love breeds Hope and does not seek to manipulate Truth.birdcage

A child whom is raised in a loving, supportive household and receives the fullness of its mothers’ affection will benefit from a more fully developed brain; whereas children who are abused and neglected will suffer from shrunken brains, something that affects their emotional development. Those with the larger brains will be more intelligent and more likely to develop the social ability to empathize with others, whereas those whose brains are shrunken are significantly more likely to develop mental and other health related problems.

Babies rely on a strong bond with their mother for healthy brain development, with eighty percent of brain cells growing in the first two years of life. The more severe the mothers neglect, the more pronounced the brain damage is likely to be. Research has shown that children whose mothers nurture them early in life have a larger hippocampus, a key brain structure that is essential to learning, memory, and response to stress.

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