50 Shades of Groove


This is the image that fuelled Naked Raver into becoming what it is today.

As I was penning the book, Naked Raver, Daniel showed me some designs that he had been working on, such as Journey to the Centre of the Spotlight, and The Hand That Strikes Peace. I asked him if he would design a cover for the book, and he said that he would.

A few weeks later, Daniel sheepishly presented the image to me, explaining that I may not like it because it is edgy. However, when he showed me the design, I loved it. It was more primitive than the one above, but I loved the concept.

NakedRaverCover mod

Anyway, several weeks later, I dreamt that a friend and headmaster of my son’s primary school had my book on his desk, hidden underneath some other books, and he said to me, Do you have a different cover design? the reason being that he felt he couldn’t openly sit and read this book in front of his colleagues, even though the story and its message is very universal, inspirational, and innocent. I mentioned this to Daniel, and we agreed to change his initial design to a more socially acceptable cover, you know, the sort that you could leave on your coffee table, or read openly on the bus!


However, we both loved the concept of a woman being bound to the headphones, as though she was a submissive to the music, especially since music plays a huge part of who we are. We also realised how the concept of Naked Raver as a whole, that of it being an adventure of the feminine spirit, suited both of our art forms (in terms of music, books, and art), and hence we joined forces and launched the company Naked Raver, debuting at the Preston Guild in 2012, an event that takes place every 20 years.

In preparation for this event, Daniel revised the original design, adding more detail, context, and colour. We both knew that because the image was  being placed on a large mounted board, then this additional detail was essential.

If you look, you will see that the design is modelled off a Technic 1210 turntable, the iconic deck that inspired a generation of Dj’s and dancers from the mid-late 80’s, whilst the woman in the centre has elements of a pulp comic bondage scene. In keeping with our love of nature, which is prevalent in much of our work, Daniel has used earthy tones and a range of flowers and leaves in this design. Look at the twine that binds the female’s hands to the headphones, and also the flower bud that is the needle cartridge. Even the term ‘Naked Raver’ is designed in bamboo, reminiscent of a paradise beach or even a jungle.

technics-1210    world-of-men-bruce-minney-pic9       martin_denny_exotica

Many fans of Daniel’s artwork say that this is their favourite, because of the way that he has combined several very cool concepts in a truly unique way.

(This design is available as a print via our online Boutique)

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The Good Life


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Faith is……


Faith is an attribute of everybody.

Some have Faith in a God. Some have Faith in a goal. Some have Faith in both, and some have Faith in neither.

Faith is not an empty word, but a breathing entity, a meaning of substance beyond the back of that which at times confuses. Faith is a reason, an assurance that one is walking upon the right path.

Faith is a friend, sometimes the only thing that is. It is a counsellor, the word of wisdom that says, It is O.K. Everything will be as you envision.

Faith is the scissor that cuts away your fear of failure. And it is the bonding agent that assures your success.

Faith is a feeling, a knowing. It is a notion, an unknowing.

It can be described but not defined, for only through action does Faith become real. Some may call it Love, for it serves the same purpose, that of Trust, Belief, of an ongoing adventure along a path that is not yet laid.

Love asks us to walk at its side, hand in hand. And Faith desires the same.

Do we fail to remember a lover if we do not see them for a while? Therefore how soon do we forget Faith, the silent presence that seeks nothing but unshakeable acceptance in its assurance of things?

What else drives us forward, taking us through overgrown thickets, on untrampled pathways and into territory not yet chartered?

Both friend and enemy, Faith leads us to the place where we lead ourselves.

Faith responds to us in the same manner that we respond to it. For some, Faith is liberation; for others it is a chain that binds to other people’s memories.

We all have Faith. We all apply it in one way or another.

Just as a fire can consume and perish those who come near, so can Faith.

Just as fire can bring great warmth and comfort to those who come near, then so can Faith.

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Journey into the ideal world….


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Released on Monday 16th June 2014.

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Breakfast in the Summerhouse

foodWelcome woman to my retreat, to the Boudoir of Bondaged Souls. You are here seeking an outlet for your feminine frustration, somewhere you can go where your skills, passions and heartfelt desires are appreciated. My Boudoir is this place.

Come, leave your briefcase at the door. Objects of status have no place here. If you were to put them in the hands of a child, the same items would lose their inherent value, for they convey a different meaning to those oblivious of their intended display.

Follow me to the summerhouse. There we shall eat breakfast, and I will tell you more of the opportunities that await you. Yes, it is a beautiful garden. The flowers that you see here have travelled from some of the most remote places in the world. They flourish because I provide a place that is perfect for them. Let us remember that plants have the same requirements as people. They are alive. They breathe. They listen, and they speak. When hungry, they eat. And when distressed they call out for help.

If you attune your senses to their resonant frequency, you can communicate as easily with them as you and I are doing now. I allow the plants to tell me where they would like to be planted. Some enjoy cool temperatures, tucked away in the shade where they are caressed by a gentle breeze. Others like to be fully exposed to the sun, as though they are basking in the glory of its extreme heat. Others enjoy growing amongst a wide variety of species, like homely women whose greatest enjoyment in life comes from swapping recipes for family meals whilst sharing stories that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Then there are those who remind me of you, the brightest flowers in the garden who thrive when in a location that grabs the attention of passers-by, causing an observer to stop and stroke their petals, and to look more closely at the filaments inside the bloom.

What I find fascinating about flowers is their awareness that their very own existence is of a cyclical nature. When they are under ground, a seed planted deep within the soil, they know not of what they shall become and yet they are fuelled by the same breath of life as when they are above ground. Their efforts in the silence, the darkness, are of the same proportion as when they appear to simply stand tall in the warmth of the summer air. In some respects, their life in the womb of the garden is actually more important because if the seed does not develop, the flower will never bloom.

What I find equally fascinating is the fact that they cannot force their growth. They are at the mercy of the seasons. If winter is determined to stay beyond her expected departure date, then the flower must wait. It is only when spring arrives that the carnival of colour and her glorious surprise commences.


Your passions and heartfelt desires are as the life that we do not see, that which forces the green shoot above the soil, and that which causes the detail to come from seemingly nowhere. Your skills are like the technical application of the seasons. They act from outside, but they need a focus, an object, a desire for growth upon which to act. Your skills may be used in any endeavour, but to use them in ignorance of the life of the bloom is like the winter that does not realise she has served her purpose for the moment. All of growth and development is a circular motion, and nothing can develop without the influence of external forces. As a woman, you have the capability of being both an external force and a magnificent bloom, but only with an understanding of the behaviour pattern of both.

To date you have been consumed with being only an external force. That which is within you has been prevented from blossoming because you have been more consumed with bringing rain and sleet than you have the reciprocal agreement between that which is within and that which is without.

Here in the Boudoir, you may bid your winter farewell. We offer you an internal celebration of life, one that welcomes the essence of spring within you. You do not know the majesty of nature that you bring, but I can assure you that your presence in the garden of life is as a bloom whose colours and beauty shall draw gasps of admiration from all of those who pass by.

Let’s enter the summerhouse, breakfast is now served.

(nb: Flower Girl image by Tan Chiew Ling)

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The Endless Summer of Love

by Daniel Orlick

by Daniel Orlick

The Endless Summer of Love

One of the earliest Naked Raver designs, this is a great addition to any collection, fusing a modern, contemporary style with the look of a vintage poster.

There are three main elements in this design:

1)   The first summer of love

2)   The second summer of love

3)   The Endless Summer

1) The first summer of love, seen as a pivotal moment in the hippie counterculture movement, happened in 1967 in San Francisco, when over one hundred thousand people descended on the city. This key time in the hippie revolution caused many people to question anything and everything, changing perceptions and attitudes towards social expectations as a whole.

During the 1970’s, the ethos of the Hippie Movement became emerged in modern society, with music playing a huge part in this. Guitar based music and thought-provoking lyrics, infused with poetry, art, and spiritual insight, provided the musical backdrop to this change. Compassion, awareness, and love were the foundations upon which change was brought about.

The guitars in the Naked Raver design, as well as the feathers in the females’ hair, symbolise key aspects of the hippie movement.


2) The second summer of love is renowned as occurring during the summers of 1988-89 in the U.K. when music from the underground house scene in the States started gaining popularity with the youth culture of Britain. LSD and MDMA fuelled the scene, causing an explosion of mass free parties and huge sound systems – in fields and aircraft hangers, abandoned buildings, country mansions, and many more places. Because of the dance beats and the drugs involved, the culture drew many parallels with the hedonism and freedom of expression of the first summer of love two decades earlier.

 The vinyl record in this design is symbolic of the format used by DJ’s.

3) The Endless Summer is a classic film about the ultimate surfing adventure, where a group of California surfers travel the globe in search of the perfect wave whilst ultimately living their dream. It is such a timeless film that it has become iconic, capturing the imagination of new generations.

 The poster for this film is instinctively recognisable. It is fifty years old and yet it hasn’t aged, with it selling the ideal of a lifestyle even today.

summer-of-love It is these elements in this classic poster design that has inspired Daniel in the creation of Naked Raver’s, Endless Summer of Love, a lifestyle and spiritual ideal that is eternal.

(This design can be purchased via the Art & Design Boutique)

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