Let It Go.

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In life, one has to say, Let it go. There is drama everywhere, stirred by the minds of others as they play out the self-imposed importance of a daily charade, one created by the masses but acted with confidence by the individual. When you say, Let it go, you are freed from it, not consumed by the flame that would love to devour the moth.

The more you can affirm, Let it go, the greater will become your awareness of the amazing light within, the illuminating power which sheds radiance upon the shadow, and that opens your eyes to the macro within the micro and vice versa.

Let it go, Naked Ravers, and allow the celebration of your life to commence, one which chants from deep within, a song that energises your whole being, a movement that is uniquely yours, with you now being the groove that sets the dance floor alight as soon as you take your place upon it.

(Na*ked: The stripping bare of illusionary concepts of limitation.

Ra*ver: She who dances to the tune of her indwelling spirit.)

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Super Moon Eclipse 2015


Here’s a cool photo we took of the “equinox supermoon eclipse” just about an hour ago sitting on our bed looking out the window, the bed where so many dreams over the last several years have helped produce the art and music for Naked Raver.

 Hey, it’s our logo in the sky, now we just need the woman’s face, and tomorrow’s our 12th year wedding anniversary. This is what I call celebrating in style.

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This is very cool music, recently added to the Naked Raver playlist…..

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Welcome VIP.


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Spiritual Virgins


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