Every aspect of me……

It’s cool, it’s wild….it’s spiritual inspiration for those who know there is more to life but don’t quite know what!


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Amazing review……

An amazing review left on Amazon a couple of days ago for Statue in The Square. I also see that it is in a couple of best selling charts, one of them positioning it just above Paulo Coelho,  the renowned author of The Alchemist.

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 14.07.59Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 14.07.04


Statue In The Square by Joanne St.Clair….available via all major bookstores

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Unveiling a new design for the forthcoming single Volcanikaa, by Daniel Orlick. Fantastic!

This will soon be available for purchase from Naked Raver’s online print boutique, as part of the 12″ music cover design range.

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Royal Blood


Welcome woman to my retreat, to the Boudoir of Bondaged Souls. You are here seeking an outlet for your feminine frustration, a solution that will overthrow the heavy feeling that sits upon your shoulders, your regal robe and its bloodstains of history weighing you down from morning until night. My Boudoir is this place, and I welcome you with open arms.

Please, leave your hereditary title at the door. It serves no purpose here, for in this place you are in obedience to me just as I am to Beautiful Truth. This is the reason you have travelled under the cover of darkness to be here, your woman’s instinct telling you that the answers you desire must come from the kingdom of lasting wisdom where Beautiful Truth alone resides, her dwelling place the very centre of eternity, a throne greater than any known to womankind from where she observes the world and has done since its conception.

Would you like some refreshments? I offer you your favourite aperitif blended with petals from the blossoms in the garden, an elixir that will allow you to discard your cloak of defense and loosen your belt of superiority. Remember, you are with a loving friend now, one whose desire is to witness you become a truly great leader who submits herself to the service of her nation and the majestic spirit that covers the land. To view your role in any other way, that is, of a nation serving you, is to place a crown of disloyalty upon your very own head, something you already know and yet have chosen to ignore in your short lifetime. It is this simple show of indignity towards the majority that is the root of your frustration.


Tell me, what do you feel as you sit before me? Your look of uncertainty affirms that you are waiting for me to direct you, but this I cannot do. Until you dare to feel deep within your very being and then act upon these feelings, your frustration shall always plague your mind. You have been raised to adhere to duty, to place protocol before the creative expression of your soul. You complain that you long to live a normal life without pomp and ceremony, but do tell me, what is the normal life that you fantasise about? Is it one in which you can indulge your passions, those that call out at the most random of moments as if your heart is holding its own court with you? Do you not realise that these are the ideals of every woman whose feet grace the earth, whether she is the lowliest upon the land or is one who occupies the best seat at every gathering?

Your frustration is alive because you are torn between duty and destiny. You have convinced yourself that it is either one or the other, and this disorientates you, causing you to grieve for destiny in the name of duty. Your folly is but a physical myth, concocted by your advisors and your textbook understanding of royal lineage. You gladly indulge yourself in the luxuries that your position affords, waving and smiling at your gathered audience as though life is blissful. And yet your facial expression displays unease to those who see beyond the charade because you know that the theatre performance in which you play the leading role is nothing more than the perpetuating of an outdated illusion, one that fails to serve the modern times and the wonderful people in it.

You ask me what it takes to lead a nation, to garnish loyalty founded upon love from your subjects. This is simple. You must become a subject to Beautiful Truth, displaying your loyalty to her by showing your unwavering love for her ways. When you do this, she will enable you to fulfill your duty like no other monarch before you because you are giving her the reign to fulfill her destiny through you. She will guide you to places existing members of your royal household could never conceive, destinations that benefit many rather than the privileged few. Your advisors may not like it. Your extended circle of acquaintances may gossip. But your obedience must be to Beautiful Truth, for she has the wellbeing and progress of the world in her heart. She loves the lives of all even though many don’t know it, watching them from a distance that is as close as the nose on your face and yet as far as the remote galaxy above.

A great leader, either by birthright or selection, stands aside so that Beautiful Truth may govern. A great leader washes the feet of Beautiful Truth, and in return she anoints your head with the crown of the everlasting Kingdom.


Yes, it is my pleasure to teach you all that I know so that you may deepen your relationship with the power within your very being. Please, view my retreat as your palace of solace, a home where your soul may develop until your destiny is assured, and where your blood may become less segregated as your understanding of the common bonds of humanity grows greater.

Come, I shall take you to your room.


(…..from the Boudoir of Bondaged Souls series…..a collaboration of short stories, art, TV and original soundtrack)

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When it’s not so obvious…..


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50 Shades of Groove


This is the image that fuelled Naked Raver into becoming what it is today.

As I was penning the book, Naked Raver, Daniel showed me some designs that he had been working on, such as Journey to the Centre of the Spotlight, and The Hand That Strikes Peace. I asked him if he would design a cover for the book, and he said that he would.

A few weeks later, Daniel sheepishly presented the image to me, explaining that I may not like it because it is edgy. However, when he showed me the design, I loved it. It was more primitive than the one above, but I loved the concept.

NakedRaverCover mod

Anyway, several weeks later, I dreamt that a friend and headmaster of my son’s primary school had my book on his desk, hidden underneath some other books, and he said to me, Do you have a different cover design? the reason being that he felt he couldn’t openly sit and read this book in front of his colleagues, even though the story and its message is very universal, inspirational, and innocent. I mentioned this to Daniel, and we agreed to change his initial design to a more socially acceptable cover, you know, the sort that you could leave on your coffee table, or read openly on the bus!


However, we both loved the concept of a woman being bound to the headphones, as though she was a submissive to the music, especially since music plays a huge part of who we are. We also realised how the concept of Naked Raver as a whole, that of it being an adventure of the feminine spirit, suited both of our art forms (in terms of music, books, and art), and hence we joined forces and launched the company Naked Raver, debuting at the Preston Guild in 2012, an event that takes place every 20 years.

In preparation for this event, Daniel revised the original design, adding more detail, context, and colour. We both knew that because the image was  being placed on a large mounted board, then this additional detail was essential.

If you look, you will see that the design is modelled off a Technic 1210 turntable, the iconic deck that inspired a generation of Dj’s and dancers from the mid-late 80’s, whilst the woman in the centre has elements of a pulp comic bondage scene. In keeping with our love of nature, which is prevalent in much of our work, Daniel has used earthy tones and a range of flowers and leaves in this design. Look at the twine that binds the female’s hands to the headphones, and also the flower bud that is the needle cartridge. Even the term ‘Naked Raver’ is designed in bamboo, reminiscent of a paradise beach or even a jungle.

technics-1210    world-of-men-bruce-minney-pic9       martin_denny_exotica

Many fans of Daniel’s artwork say that this is their favourite, because of the way that he has combined several very cool concepts in a truly unique way.

(This design is available as a print via our online Boutique)

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The Good Life


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